evilmissbecky (evilmissbecky) wrote in avengers_2k,

Fic: In a New York Minute (1/1)

Author: evilmissbecky
Title: In a New York Minute
Universe: MCU
Characters: Steve/Tony, Clint Barton, Pepper Potts, Thor
Words: 5100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shortly before Valentine's Day, Steve and Tony are accidentally outed to the world. Already uncertain of where they stand, now they have an additional worry to contend with.
Warnings: Contains some mild homophobia, but not from the main characters

Here on AO3
Tags: author/artist: e, character: clint barton/hawkeye, character: pepper potts, character: steve rogers/captain america, character: thor, character: tony stark/iron man, genre: slash, media: fanfiction, movie: the avengers, pairing: steve/tony, rating: pg-13
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